4 Best Family Cars For Hire In Uganda

4 Best Family Cars For Hire In Uganda

4 Best Family Cars For Hire In Uganda

4 Best Family Cars For Hire In Uganda : A road trip with family is always an exciting way to bond, learn and discover new things with your loved ones. Exploring parks, city and tourist attraction with the children always leaves long-lasting memories whether it’s a destination you have visited before or totally new place. However, you have to book a car that can fit the family members as well as their cargo if you want a comfortable road trip. Top items to consider when choosing a car for the family include comfort, baby seat installation possibility, passenger space, legroom

At Car Rental Services Uganda, we offers some of the family cars for hire in Uganda and we present to you 4 vehicles guaranteed to give you and the family a memorable road trip.

Vans – If you planning to travel as a family of about 8 people, then you should consider hiring a mid-sized van for the road trip. The van can seat up to 8 people plus cargo with adjustable seats , some of the top vans for hire in Uganda include the safari van which is usually hired for park tours given it features a pop-up roof and can handle even the toughest of terrain. Other vans include the Super custom van, Alphard, Hiace among others. Van rental rates range from US$ 100 to 120 per day wioth driver excluding fuel.

4×4 Station Wagons – the 4 wheel drive wagons are another popular addition to family cars in Uganda perfect for small families of about 3 to 5 people. Station wagons can be driven both on road in the city and off-road in the aorks and remote destinations. Popular station wagons for hire in Uganda include the Safari land cruiser which features a pop-up roof and cooler box perfect for families planning a camping road trip. Other station wagons in Uganda include the Land cruiser Prado, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol, G-wagen to mention but a few. Rental prices range from US$ 80 to 120 per with a driver excluding fuel.

Mini-buses– If you plan on traveling as two families or more, then you will need to rent a mid-sized passenger bus to avoid congestion and also forego rental rates for two vans. If you are planning for family bus tour, then you should rent a coaster bus in Uganda given it can accommodate up to 30 passengers comfortably and can handle tough terrain, steep and slippery slopes as well. Coaster bus rental rates range from US$ 140 to 160 per day depending on destinations you are visiting.

SUVs – The sports Utility vehicles are also good options for small families of not more than 5 members, these multi-purpose vehicles can be driven on ongoing roads as well off-road tracks meaning you wont have to worry about switching cars every time you change terrain. Some of the most popular SUVs for hire in Uganda include the Rav4, Harrier, Ipsum, Noah to mention but a few. Rental rates range from US$ 45 to 60 per day with driver excluding fuel.

So if you plan on touring Uganda with your family, the above 4 car types should give you an insight to make the right decision before you begin booking. You can get in touch with us by sending an email to info@carentalservicesuganda.com or call us now on +256-774635389 to speak with our reservations team.