Best 4×4 Cars For Safaris In Uganda

Best 4×4 Cars For Safaris In Uganda

Best 4×4 safari cars for Safari in Uganda

Best 4×4 Cars For Safaris In Uganda : Are you planning a dreamlife safari this season in Uganda? The 4×4 Safari Cars are strong Four wheel vehicles that can be ideal for safaris or camping tour. These 4×4 safari car feature unique impressive attributes such as a pop-up roof, sliding windows and others come with mounted tents among other features. Most of the safari cars can accommodate up to 8 people with flexible seats and enough leg room space. Therefore, regardless of whether you are planning a family tour, camping or self drive road trip, the 4×4 safari cars have got the answer you are searching for.

Heavenly Choice Travel LTD specializes in organizing off-the-beaten-track budget Uganda safaris and here some of the best 4×4 safari cars we always deploy to ensure our clients get a safe a comfortable road trip to any destinations they are visiting.

4wd Extended Safari Land Cruiser

This is a spacious strong vehicle designed to carry about 6 to 7 people. It features flexible seats with enough leg room space, an air conditioning system, enough luggage space, an open roof top for clear views while on a safari. The car has a magnificent strong exterior body with the ability to navigate all road conditions of the park regardless of the weather conditions.

Toyota Safari Van

The Toyota Safari van has a seating capacity of about 9 passengers. it is a perfect car for group travelers. It has an open roof top to enhance you have clear views and photography on the safari. The car has the ability to navigate up country roads and it is suitable for long distances. It is equipped with an air conditioning system, enough cargo space, cushions to give you extra comfort, plug-in Invertor for charging your gargets like the phone or camera batteries.

safari van  in uganda

4wd Safari Land cruiser

The safari car is designed to carry 1 to 3 passengers planning to take a trip together.  It features a pop-up roof, a strong exterior body, an air condition system, comfortable seats, 2 spare wheels among other impressive attributes.

Toyota Rav4

This is a 4×4 SUV that is commonly hired on a self drive safaris in Uganda. it is in two categories, the 2 and 4 door version. It is blessed with enough cargo space, a luxurious strong exterior with the ability to navigate through tough conditions of the park.

rav 4 cars in uganda

Super custom van

The super custom van is a perfect safari vehicle for small group tours. The safari car accommodates about 5-7 passengers. it features a sun roof, an air conditioning system, adjustable seats, enough cargo space among other amazing attributes.

Land Cruiser Prado

The safari car is a mid-sized 4×4 station wagon vehicle with highly elevated wheels. The land cruiser Prado is designed with a strong and nice looking exterior that makes it stand out as the best safari car in Uganda. it is equipped with an AC, cozy seats, as well as spacious space for luggage.

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Are you searching for the best safari vehicle to hire for your next safari in Uganda? At Heavenly Choice Travel Limited, we provide a wide range of safari car fleet where you can choose a suitable safari vehicle your road trip adventure. For more information and inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact our professional reservation team for a quotation. Simply send us an inquiry on or call us on +256-758055514 or +256-774635389 to speak directly to customer care personnel.