Why Choose A Rav4 For Your Next 4×4 Self Drive Trip In Uganda

Why Choose A Rav4 For Your Next 4×4 Self Drive Trip In Uganda

Why Choose A Rav4 For Your Next 4×4 Self Drive Trip In Uganda

Why Choose A Rav4 For Your Next 4×4 Self Drive Trip In Uganda : The Rav4 in full stands for 4-wheel drive Recreational Active Vehicle , traits it truly possesses. The Toyota manufactured cross-over SUV is the one of the most requested 4×4 cars for hire Uganda ready to handle both on and off road terrains making it the perfect car for park tours or any other long-distance road trip in Uganda. There are numerous car rental companies in Uganda ready to offer you some of the best 4×4 cars to take on a road trip but dont just go for any 4×4 because of the price tag or beauty, Car Rental Services Uganda has been handling car hire requests for years and we present to you some of the reasons why you should choose a Rav4 over other rental cars.

Affordable – The Rav4 is regarded as the most affordable 4×4 car in Uganda and rightly so compared to the Land cruisers and vans that can t be booked if you are below US$ 50 per day. Just like the safari land cruiser and vans , the Rav4 can handle all types of terrain and so unless you are traveling in a group of more than 4 people, there’s no need to hire a mid-sized 4×4 yet you can go for the 4-seater Rav4. You can easily rent a Rav4 in Uganda from as low as US$ 40 per day based on self drive and that’s why it’s one of the most requested cars around town.

4 Wheel Drive – Any long-distance road trip and off the beaten track safari will always require a car with 4 wheel drive mechanism, a car you can rely on when driving through rough terrain, muddy or steep slopes is one that will give you a comfortable trip. Dont worry about getting stsuck in a distch or failing ot climg up a steep slope as the Rav4 is engineered to handle this.

Multi-purpose – Not many cars can be used both on urban tarmacked roads and rough murram off the beaten track routes but that’s what the Rav4 offers, a cross- over SUV that can be used for city tours as well as park safaris or any other long distance. Lets be honest, you can t drive a safari Land cruiser to business meeting but you can drive a rav-4 to one and still go to the park as well.

Spacious – A successful road trip is always judged by the functioning of a the car but also overall comfort it offers tothe passengers. A 4-door Rav4 can seat up to 4 people comfortably with adequate leg room between seats not to mention spacious room for cargo in the rear so you don’t have to squeeze yourselves when on the road.

Best discount offer – If you are looking for a rental car for long term rental at the best price, then you should consider hiring the Rav4 , you can get the rav4 at US$ 40 per day for week or more which is a way huge discount compared to other 4×4 cars in the same category. If you want to rent a Rav4 for a month or more, you could always get a discount offer of up to US$ 35 per day, the best Uganda car rental discount offer.

Fuel economizer – If you are looking for a money-saving 4×4 rental car in Uganda, then the Rav4 should be your number one choice. Easy to drive and can economize petrol fuel, there is no denying you will save more when you go for the Toyota Rav4 for your next road trip in Uganda. A litre of petrol gas costs UGX 4000 and full tank gorst for about UGX 250,000 which is around 70 to 80 US$.

Planning a to visit Uganda for safari, business or leisure road tripo and would love to acquire a 4×4 car for the road trip, you can hire a Rav4 in Uganda today by sending us an email to info@carentalservicesuganda.com or call us now on +256-774635389